Could the Pistol Offense Raise the Fantasy Stock of Percy Harvin?

The NFC West was already a difficult division to play in now the Seattle Seahawks have made it even more difficult acquiring wide receiver Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings.

Now you may ask how the pistol is going to increase the fantasy value of Percy Harvin or even better will it increase his value? Well first let’s look at Harvin’s career with the Minnesota Vikings and how the new offense will compliment his talents.

Percy Harvin is without a doubt one of the most injury prone players in the NFL. He simply can’t stay healthy. So the buyer beware tag is will not going to be dropped just because Harvin has been traded. However don’t let Harvin’s injury history keep you from taking an explosive endzone threat.

Harvin is reunited with his former offensive coordinator Darrel Bevell who is now taking the play calling duties in Seattle. In the 2009 NFL season Harvin averaged 13.2 yards a reception and in 2010 Harvin averaged 12.2 yards a reception with Bevel at offensive coordinator running a west coast offense. Quarterback Brett Favre would use Harvin as a third option but knew the receiver could get into space after the catch. That is what makes Harvin such a scoring threat. Harvin is as versatile as a receiver can be. Harvin can lineup as a slot receiver, a halfback, and he can be a return man on special teams. Harvin has many intangibles that other receivers don’t posses. However that is also a curse as Harvin began to see more play calls as a halfback and kick return specialist putting him at greater risk for injury. Now while the Seahawks have no intention to rest Harvin they will be able to increase his production in all those roles.

The Seahawks lacked a go to receiver for QB Russell Wilson last season and Harvin could significantly fill that role. Harvin can also be used in the wishbone formation as an option back along with halfback Marshawn Lynch. Harvin could be used in multiple formations and offensive schemes; not just as your typical slot receiver. Often we think of the pistol offense as a running scheme when it is actually an option scheme. The read option is all about choices made at the line of scrimmage, reading the defense for coverage gaps, making an adjustment on the play call, and then exploiting the defensive gap. When it comes to the pistol Harvin is a perfect fit as he is the ultimate utility player.

Harvin’s value fantasy was a mid fourth rounder overall last season according to Fantasy Football Calculator. Now while that sounds like a reach in all honesty he was alone in the passing game in Minnesota but was often injured. I project his value to hold to not change significantly from last season even though most will look at his stats and typically downgrade him.

While Russell Wilson had a great week six his week seven was a train wreck. Mathew Berry writes about someone who was very lucky in week six. 

Look just because a player is on your fantasy football team doesn’t mean you have to root for their performance when they play your NFL team.

I don’t root for my fantasy football players when they play the Bears but if they are hot I certainly don’t bench them either.

If you want to win you have to start your best lineup and nothing else will simply do. Now if you have that match of a homer mentality towards your fantasy football team you be lucky to have a 1-13 season. I think a subjective mindset on who to start and sit and eliminating any personal biased mistakes is what makes a good fantasy football GM.

Do you think real GM’s care about a players overall performance in a loss? No! They care about a win that is what energizes the fan base and sells tickets, drives revenue, and builds new stadiums.

What matters is a win nothing else.

ESPN Fantasy Football Now

Michele Steele, Christopher Harris and Stephania Bell take a look at key issues heading into Sunday, including Adrian Peterson..

Chad Johnson is trying to impress but he appeared to only aggravate Joe Philbin.

The Late Round QB explains how these three were once dominant fantasy football prospects but now have dropped to the depths of back ups to the back ups.

However one or two depending may still have some gas in the tank. Berry and Ravitz discuss Terrell “Cry Me A River” Owens.

Now before you say; ‘That’s it I am done.’ you can fast forward to the discussion with ESPN’s NFL analyst Adam Schefter.

Fast forward to 14:30 where the discussion with Schefter is about KC RB Jamaal Charles, DEN WR Eric Decker, WAS RB’s including Roy Hellu’s potential. 

By the way Mathew Berry gives some very silly fantasy advice in this podcast that I would not recommend to my worst enemy.

While I haven’t listened to the ESPN podcast for a week here is an archive of the ESPN Fantasy Focus Podcast podcast encase you time to kill. 

Thanks for bringing TO back Seahawks! We all love to watch TO go shirtless, cry for QB, and utter stupid phrases about himself.

Why Nike’s New NFL Uniforms Will Lead to Improved Performance on the Field

NIKE  Yesterday Nike revealed a new NFL uniform for all thirty-two NFL teams and while the majority of the uniforms are traditional in NFL style the technology of the uniform is new for all thirty-two teams. 

Nike used fabric and design that will keep a player cooler, as well as dryer, and most of all lighter which will also increase player performance.

Now while some say a uniform cannot increase a player’s ability to run faster, jump higher, or stay on the field longer that this is all in the “athletes head” need to seriously consider the changes made to the uniforms. 

Nike has taken the NFL uniform and made the overall function better starting with the fabric used to keep players cooler.  The fabric is different from the old uniforms offering better air circulation called cooling zones.  This will also keep players dryer which leads to less over heating so players stay on the field longer.

The new uniform will increase player performance due to the increased flexibility in the fabric and the Flywire design will help seal the pads with out decreasing motion in the upper body. 

Nike took NFL player input to create a uniform that functions as a second layer of skin rather than a just a uniform.  Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher described the benefit of the Flywire design by describing a common problem middle linebackers have with offensive linemen; “harder to be held, which is good since I get held on every play.”

The changes to the NFL uniform are best described by Nike.


Key features include:

  • LIGHTER –The Nike jersey and pant, wet or dry are lighter than previous versions
  • FLYWIRE TECHNOLOGY- Eliminates layers, reduces weight, and provides lockdown fit
  • ZONED MESH VENTILATION – Provides cooling zones for optimal thermoregulation
  • ZONED STRENGTH - High tenacity, stretch material, for light weight lockdown strength.
  • CUT FOR MOBILITY – Four-way stretch, hydrophobic materials enable range of motion wet or dry.
  • STRETCH TWILL NUMBERS – Four-way stretch even on numbering system
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BASELAYER PADDING – Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong baselayer with integrated lightweight, Deflex padding offering customizable flexible protection.
  • DEFLEX PADDING - Lightweight, flexible impact protection integrated into top “hit zone” areas
  • ALUMINUM D-RING BELT - Aircraft-grade aluminum D-ring belt reduces weight.

Now while the Seattle Seahawks are the first team to have a newly designed uniform in appearance the truth is all thirty-two NFL teams have a new uniform.

Greenbay Packer TightEnd Jermichael Finley points out the psychological advantage of the the Seahawks new style; ”If you look good, you play good. If you play good, you get paid good. The Seahawks have the best uniform out there right now.”

The Packers changing uniform design may be a long shot but the overall performance of the Packers uniform is the same as the Seahawks uniforms.  

While Finley buys into the “feel good look good” idea I wouldn’t bet on the Seahawks going undefeated in the 2012 NFL season but at least they will look good losing. 

Twitter Paul Lukas shared the pics and details of this unveiling on his twitter account.  The biggest change appears to be the technology used in the fabric and some slight design changes in all the uniforms.  However it is nothing of the expectations and significant changes in NCAA Football apparel or the leaked designs.  

Click the link above to see the uniforms up close.

Here are all the New NFL uniforms.

Nike Unveils New NFL Uniforms Today

Nike Unveils New NFL Uniforms Today


NEW Chicago Bears Uniform

Vikings vs Seahawks

NFL Pre-Season Week 2 Minnesota vs Seattle 

COLD: Seattle RB Marshwn Lynch is a complete and utter bust of a player! Yes he had two receptions for 12 yards total but he is not a receiver!  

He is simply not even worthy of entertaining the idea of a fantasy draft pick. I have never seen a greater waste of talent then Lynch who at this point needs to be cut from the Seahawks.  Do not draft Lynch until he makes plays in the ground game!

HOT: MIN QB Donovan McNabb.  Yes I hear you yelling through your monitor at me and I understand why but first let me explain.

McNabb had solid protection, his receivers were in sync, and he was able to sustain a long drive.  He looked like a pocket passer rather then the old days of making plays with his feet when the pocket would collapse.  Thus McNabb deserves to move up in the rankings but only by a few points.

SLEEPER: Seattle RB Leon Washington made the most of his carries going 4 attempts for 26 yards.  With Lynch not moving the sticks look for Washington to receive more carries.  But he is a fourth RB option at best.

Click the link for the stats by ESPN.  Video by

NFL Pre-Season Week 1 SD vs SEA

Fantasy Analysis: 

San Diego QB Philip Rivers passed a bomb to Vincent Jackson for 47 yards and made it clear their was a lot of fantasy potential between the two.

While Seattles QB Tavaris Jackson struggled to find open receivers.

Also yesterday I asked is Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch fantasy gold and it was clear yesterdy he is not!  Lynch had 3 attempts for only 8 yards clearly not getting a lot of playing time.  Lynch’s involvement is a serious concern to his fantasy potential.

See link for game stats at

Vincent Jackson proved their was no drag form him during the NFL lockout.