DeAngelo Williams was right! Mathew Berry explains why DeAgngelo Williams was right to tell the fantasy football crowd to basically go take a hike.

Fantasy Football Fever Week 5

Last week I sold you on four players who had very good week fours including Peyton Manning, Desean Jackson, Adrian Peterson, and Vincent Jackson. However I have to own my choice of putting New England RB Stevan Ridley on the D.O.A list. While Ridley resurrected his fantasy football performance with over one hundred rushing yards and two touchdowns he wasn’t my only mistake on the D.O.A list.

Still you can still see that my judgment was sound on Michael Crabtree and Mikel Leshoure who some experts were expecting huge games.

Let me just say one thing about my picks while they are never all correct and will most likely never will. I stand by my picks if you want to ask me something I give you my opinion not a rehash of someone else’s.

I follow three main sources ProFootballWeekly (which is the best source of NFL news and I subscribe to their weekly magazine), CBSsports (Adam and Jamey our without a doubt the smartest fantasy analyst around), and (great coverage and Will Carroll is the best for injury analysis) those are my main sources of information.

While I occasionally look at stats from I have no other regular source for news and believe anything more is overkill.

I read, read, and read some more and if it is linked it is read by me before linked on my blog.

While I can never replace a professional analyst I will tell you this. How good are some of them? What makes them anymore of an expert then any of us?

I have a busy job just like all of you, I have a family, I have a big accreditation I am currently studying for and will need to spend more time on soon, yet I manage to find time to do this. Why? Because I love it. I love the NFL and fantasy football just like all of you.

So the next time a reader gets on a twitter soap box and defends an analyst and says I am “mouthing off” or an analyst from the NFL network blocks me on twitter because I rip his Cowboys and his bad tan read these words below.

Why am I correct half the time yet they are never correct all the time? They should be right?

What are they the weatherman do they receive a pass? At least the weatherman has to talk about the day’s weather he had gotten wrong the night before yet these fantasy football analysts never own their mistakes.

If you are going to defend them and slam me you’re a moron. Why? Because they’re paid to get it right and I am not! So maybe you should be asking them why they were wrong and not me.  

If I am wrong I am wrong so stop following me but if I am right I am more than happy to give the credit to you. Why? Because at the end of the day it is you’re call who to sit, start, or add on the waivers not mine.

Own your fantasy football team and tell Michael Fabiano The FF Informer said the Tanning Mom wants you to give her back her bronzer.   


Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick vs. The Pittsburg Steelers Eagles QB Michael Vick is going to have a difficult matchup.Defense

Vick isn’t playing well in road games and with the poor weather on the east coast today and the lack of production in his rushing stats I expect Vick to be a horrible start today.

New York Giants Running-back Ahmad Bradshaw vs. The Cleveland Browns Defense

I don’t think that Bradshaw will hold his starting job for very long since he averaging only 3.8 a carry.

Buffalo Bills Running-back Fred Jackson vs. The San Francisco Defense

I know some of you are tempted to start him but it is just too risky against a solid run defense.

Washington Redskins Wide-receiver Peirre Garcon vs. The Atlanta Falcons Defense

While he could come back and be a healthy productive receiver I just can’t picture this game being a huge or even productive for Garcon.  

Miami Dolphins Wide-receiver Brian Hartline vs. The Cincinnati Bengals Defense

Ok you went the waiver wire and think Hartline is a serious fantasy threat but he has one problem. Did you look at his target to reception ratio? On average he catches half his passes which are why he is not a good option because of those stone hands.


New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning vs. The Cleveland Browns Defense

Whenever the expectation is that we will see Eli Manning have a huge game he doesn’t. So should you sit him today? Absolutely not but don’t expect a huge game in the air I am looking for ground and pound vs the Browns.

Cincinnati Bengals Running-back BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs. The Miami Dolphins BenJarvus is just warm all over against the Dolphins defense. Defense

While the Dolphins run defense is very good the combination of pass and run will over power the Dolphins.

Seattle Seahawks Running-back Marshawn Lynch vs. The Carolina Panthers Defense

If you’re expecting a huge day from Lynch and most experts do I for one don’t. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson is about to lose his starting job and the Panthers have the confidence to play single coverage so I see Lynch facing a lot of eight man fronts and not being able to squeeze big runs.

Patriots Wide-receiver Wes Welker vs. The Denver Broncos Defense

Done huh? Bill didn’t want him? Not likely. Welker is back in sync with Tom Brady but look for him to have a big role with moving the ball and not scoring in the endzone.

Cleveland Wide-receiver Greg Little vs. The New York Giants Defense

I for one believe Little is simply not a starting receiver but that doesn’t mean he can’t be productive today.


Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton vs. The Seattle Seahawks Defense

I personally believe that the Seahawks defense is a bunch of phonies and we all saw how they were not able to take advantage of the officiating against the St Louis Rams. For a team that is the second best defense in the league they looked much less physical and not as aggressive as they were during weeks one through four.

Seattle has faced nothing but pocket passers this season and now they face Newton who can pass the deep ball and take off and run. I think Newton will expose the Seahawks for the phonies they are.

Chicago Bears Running-back Michael Bush vs. The Jacksonville Jaguars Defense

Bush will have a huge day on the ground regardless if Forte is back look for his production to continue.

Vikings Running-back Adrian Peterson vs. The New Orleans Saints Defense Vikings Adrian Peterson looks great and will look even better against the Saints defense.

Why are the Saints so bad on defense? They can’t stop the run!

Indianapolis Colts Wide-receiver Reggie Wayne vs. The Green Packers Defense

Look for Reggie to tear up the Packers defense today!

Kansas City Chiefs Wide-receiver Dwayne Bowe vs. The Baltimore Ravens Defense

Still think the Ravens are a top tier defense in the NFL? They have allowed passing TD’s all over the field this season.

Have a good week five!

(Source: thefantasyfootballinformer) The Hard Count looks at the following fantasy football players in depth,

  1. Doug Martin RB Buccaneers
  2. Cam Newton QB Panthers
  3. Robert Griffin III QB Redskins
  4. Alfred Morris RB Redskins
  5. C.J. Spiller RB Bills
  6. Ben Tate RB Titans
  7. Peyton Hillis RB Chiefs
  8. Michael Turner RB Falcons
  9. Percy Harvin WR Vikings
  10. Joe Flacco QB Ravens

Carolina Panthers TE Greg Olsen is a steal in round 12 and 144th overall. As my self get set to go to my favorite draft of all my fantasy football leagues, my league that I commish of course. 

It never hurts to do some last minute reading. Luckily Jamey Eisenberg knocks it out of the park in this quick and informative column. 

Will the Panthers let Cam Newton take off and run? This is one of my favorite post to read to stay informed (no pun intended) on what is really going on in training camp.

Click on the READ links for recent post that I am linking that have fantasy football complications.

READ about how the Saints have another weapon at receiver and the Patriots may have an un-drafted gem testing the running-backs depth chart.

READ about quarterback Cam Newton and if the Panthers coaches will allow him to continue to break off plays and run the ball.

READ about how Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano plans on using running-back Shonn Greene to establish an aggressive run attack. Cam Newton can he make the next step? A round table of NFL veterans talk about Cam Newton’s recent self evaluation and how Cam can take the next step forward.

Panthers vs Dolphins

NFL Pre-Season Week 2 Carolina vs Miami 

COLD: Easy enough Panthers QB Cam Newton of course.  Not that cam was even close to being anyone’s backup fantasy football QB.  Cam is a rookie and of course rookie QB’s should have low expectations especially the ones that run wide open offense and have problems diagnosing a defensive secondary. 

HOT: Reggie Bush the Miami RB was amazing!  Should be an easy second option at RB but making a case for first option.

SLEEPER: I understand that a lot of fantasy football magazines downgraded WR Brandon Marshall most siting the stabbing incident this past spring.  What that has to do with football I have not a clue.  Marshall looked healthy, fast, and back to full strength.  He will be a sleeper on most boards but is a solid top ten WR. 

Click the link for the stats by ESPN.  Video by

Giants vs Panthers

NFL Pre-Season Week 1 NewYork Giants vs Carolina

The Chicago Bears are run by idiots who have no clue!  Why do I open with this statement? Panthers TE Greg Olsen that’s why!

Greg Olsen led all Carolina receivers last night with 3 receptions for 58 yards and 1 TD.  

However between quarterback’s Jimmy Clausen and rookie 1st overall pick Cam Newton I find it hard to believe Olsen will be constant, yet worth starting as a TE in any league scoring format.

Panthers runningback DeAngelo Williams will continue to split carries with RB Jonathan Stewart but both are worthy of draft picks.  Williams a clear number two while Stewart a clear third option at fantasy runningback.

However the Panthers are considered among most NFL analyst of possessing the best offensive line in football.

While the Giants have become second to the Jets in New York, RB Ahmad Bradshaw is looking to become second to no one.  Don’t get me wrong Brandon Jacobs is the Goaline back but Bradshaw has steadily improved and resigned with the Giants this shortened off season.

The biggest question for the Giants is who will Eli Manning throw the ball to? Manning’s receivers did not appear to be in sink with the play calling at all.

Click the link for the stats by ESPN.  Video

Dave Richard of CBSsports grades the offensive lines of the NFL.  A matter of fact Ricahard goes so indepth he breaks down each and every linemen on every team.

Great stuff to help finalize your runningback and quarterback issues.

Most consider the Carolina Panthers the Best overall offensive line in the NFL.

Peter King breaks down Panthers Camp

Watch Cam Newton’s throws in this video and you be the judge…  

Click the black camera Icon above for a full video.

(Source: Sports Illustrated)