Before I go to the waiver wire report I want to talk about one player and he had an explosive week one. Actually he had one very explosive opening play and after that had only 15 yrds rushing yards with 17 attempts.

Adrian Peterson was the consensus number one pick in this season’s fantasy football draft but only paid off on one play in the rushing category. Peterson’s seventy eight yard opening play for a touchdown was impressive but that had the Lions lining up eight men in the box the entire rest of the game. That Lions defensive move neutralized Peterson and helped clinch a victory as the Vikings were forced to rely on quarterback Christian Ponder.

Ponder is clearly not qualified to be a backup on most NFL teams much less a NFL starter but the Vikings are still convinced he has the skill set to not lose a game. Sunday was another example of how awful Ponder really is and why he can lose a game as the Lions secondary is capable but not threatening.

If you have Peterson you can sell him as much as three starters that will pay off huge dividends by the end of the season. If you can trade him straight up for another player such as a runningback, receiver, or quarterback make certain you are getting the maximum value.

Just remember one thing the Lions gave other teams the blue print (especially 7 games in the NFC North) to beat the Vikings; simply shutdown Peterson and let Ponder make his mistakes.

Peterson will now not be coming anywhere near his 2012 numbers but he is great trade bait in week one.

WAIVERS-Who to Add in Week 2


Add Fred Jackson runningback Buffalo Bills - Is Buffalo running a two headed monster? Absolutely and Jackson led the pair in first down conversions which sustained the drive against the Patriots. Jackson had 13 carries with an average of 5.2 yards per a carry and this isn’t bad for the thirty two year old. Jackson had limited action in the preseason but clearly hasn’t lost a step and will continue to contest Spiller for carries.

Add Jackie Battle runningback Tennessee Titans - While Battle is a rollercoaster player who has ups and downs it appears that the Titans may utilize the running game and call on Battle for more endzone carries. While Battle isn’t going to impact your PPR league he can be a useful bench player in TD heavy leagues. Remember it isn’t what his numbers are in the past what matters is the Titans are going to commit to the run and Battle will be called to spell Johnson.

Add Julian Edelman wide-receiver New England Patriots - If you catch the ball Tom Brady will come back to you. That simple. This is the beginning of what could be an awesome year for a guy who has been buried on an NFL depth chart for years. Edelman was the drafted 232 in the 2009 NFL Draft and the scouts were very impressed with his speed and athletic ability. Now Edelman has his shot to breakout. Take him quickly.

Add Brent Celek tight-end Philadelphia Eagles - By the look of it Chip Kelly’s fast tempo offense that has a lot of spread option play calling which is perfect for Celek. While not receiving more than three targets Celek is still the stand alone tight-end in this offense. While others are grabbing Julius Thomas from Denver just ask one question, did Julius peak and will his production be steady? I have more confidence in Celek’s production being more consistent.

Here is the leader breakdown in Fantasy Points by

Atlanta Falcon Jacguizz Rodgers could be a solid pick as the season continues. has some waiver additions for your team!

NE Patriots Brandon Bolden could be a solid addition to your fantasy football lineup. David Sabino breaks down who is rising and falling in fantasy football.

Nobody saw what was coming in the Buffalo New England game this past weekend.


If they claim they did they are liars! You probably shouldn’t listen to them or maybe you should. They must have a crystal ball that can broadcast NFL games before they are played.

Here is what I saw happen in that game.

Tom Brady was not very impressive in this game especially the first half and he was constantly pressured. 

The Bills defense wasn’t very impressive against the run but contained Tom Brady in the first half and even some of the third quarter.

It took a little while for the man child Patriots OC Josh Mc Daniels to figure out that his running game was breaking for long yardage. So instead of forcing the pass the Pats opted for the running game.

By the way whoever said that Patriots receiver Wes Welker was done in New England is an idiot! But I digress and back to the game.

So of course Chan Gailey abandons the running game with the one of the leading rushers in the NFL CJ Spiller and starts passing. Because that is what Gailey dose.

Dumb mistake because the Patriots defensive secondary has very much improved from last season.

The Bills defense quit in the second half that simple. They were beat up and didn’t even put up a fight.

If Gailey would have continued to use his running game and gave his defense a rest this would’ve been a very different score.

Now is Patriots running-back Brandon Bolden a solid waiver pick up? YES!

Grab him now! Unlike Ridley he pounds the ball and beats up the defense. 

Also Ridley fumbled on Sunday and I see Bolden stealing carries when this happens.

Again if someone tells you that Wes Welker is out of New England because Bill Belichick is upset with his holding out then that person is a most likely a moron.

Give me a break! Then why even bother using the franchise tag when he is not even going to play Welker? That was the dumbest twitter conversation I’ve had yet!

Detroit Lions RB Mikel Leshoure is coming back from a long suspension! If you have Mikel Leshoure available on waivers go get him!

Washington Redskins running-back Alfred Morris could still be on waiver and had great production week one. If you lost a player to injury in week one don’t panic here are some players that could make an impact on fantasy football team.

Buffalo Bills CJ Spiller is not fluke. Thomas Casale is one of the best opinions in fantasy football and this week he gives you some players who flew under the radar in fantasy football drafts but may still be available on waivers or trades.

Cubs Fans know what a Fire Sale is all about! If you have never read "The Fire Sale" in the under the Fantasy tab this is a good time to start.

Writer Thomas Casale has written the column for over two years for His writing also includes “The Feeding Frenzy” for and you can find him on twitter at…

A Fire Sale is an expression for when merchants would drastically reduce the price of goods that were “slightly damaged” in a fire, flood, or when they came off the back of a truck from the New Jersey Turnpike.

However the expression is also used when you have to move crap that just isn’t selling. Cubs fans call this problem Alfanso Soriano.

Now your probably saying what does fantasy football have to do with curb side retail.

Well that’s just it. As a fantasy football GM you need to know when to buy, hold, or sell the players from your fantasy roster before they become curb side garbage.

Make sure you add @ThePigSkinGuy to writers you should follow for reliable fantasy football advice.

NFL Network Fantasy Live

Can you add a player from waivers that can make an impact in week 14?


ProFootballWeekly Del Pilar breaks down who may be available on your wavier wire that can contribute right now.

Del says Damian Williams is a hot pickup and while flying under most owners radar.

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